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ConnectKit 1.7.3

ConnectKit is a powerful React component library for connecting a wallet to your dApp. It supports the most popular connectors and chains, and provides a beautiful, seamless experience.


Get the experience you and your users deserve.

TypeScript Ready

Get types straight out of the box.

Ecosystem Standards

Uses top libraries such as wagmi.

Customize Chains

Easily set up L2s and other chains.

Sign In With Ethereum

Prove wallet ownership by authenticating.

Responsive Design

Tailored experience across devices.

Simple UX

Give users a simple, attractive experience.

Beautiful Themes

Predesigned themes or full customization.


Choose from multiple languages.

Community & Support

If you’re planning to use ConnectKit for your project, we’d love to hear from you. Reach us by email or stay up to date with the latest updates on X (Twitter).

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